Specializing in Defense Contracting, Subcontracting, Project Development & Prototyping

Brinkman Defense, a privately held small business located in Rochester, New York, has been deeply rooted in the machining industry since 1894. Brinkman Defense is a member of a small family of companies which combine to form the Brinkman International Group, Inc.

Our legacy began with the invention of the legendary Davenport multi-spindle screw machine, which after hundreds of upgrades and enhancements over the years, continues to be the most efficient and effective way to manufacture high volume, small metal parts. We have been involved with defense-related manufacturing since 1919, when the Davenport multi-spindle screw machine was first used to produce munitions and artillery parts for the American military. During the Second World War, our machines played a critical role in the production of huge volumes of greatly needed ammunition. Davenport produced ammunition with its five spindle machining capability and attendant highly efficient cycle time, giving the US military a substantial advantage over the enemies’ significantly slower, single spindle produced munitions.

The Brinkman International Group continues our commitment to “built in America” with platinum machines that are faster, more reliable and ideally suited to serve the needs of the defense industry. In 2017, after many years of serving the needs precision metal parts component manufacture for direct DOD and indirect (Tier 1 suppliers) defense industry clients, we launched Brinkman Defense as a separate line of business so as to be laser focused on the unique needs of this key business segment.

Brinkman Defense has a thorough comprehension of today’s military manufacturing standards, ranging from proper material usage to packaging. But what truly sets us apart is our singular — 100% — focus on defense work. Defense is not just a part of what we do, it is all we do!!


…And as we always say: “Your best offense is Brinkman Defense!”